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Scholars is a business recruiting platform that connects college students with employers for internships and entry-level positions.





Tallysight is a next-generation platform that helps sports writers, analysts, & organizations showcase their insights and grow their brand.

Previous Projects

Dispersive Interactive Visual Workflow

A user-facing interactive visual workflow tree for the new version of Dispersive's Service Provider with ReactJS. This workflow tree engages our API and allows users/groups/devices to obtain certain permissions (e.g. for certain applications) based on their positioning within the hierarchy of the tree.

Yokogawa Production Management Portal

A dashboard web application created for Quality Assurance Engineers at Yokogawa so that they could actively review the performance of each of their assembly lines.


React web application that seperates the latest news articles according to their liberal & conservative bias using the NewsAPI and Media Bias Fact Checker.

Dispersive Service-Prov Dashboard

A dashboard created for Dispersive's clientel's devices. Users can add, edit, delete, and search for certain devices within their system.

Illuso: A Labyrinth Of Magic Game

This video game was created in the Georgia Tech CS 6457 Video Game Design Class. The game is called Illuso and showcases a magician character trapped in a magical labyrinth who must gather magical playing cards to acquire new abilities and escape!

Stock Web Applet

A small web applet that allows users to keep track of stocks and calculate profit gains and losses, as well as, equity percentages. I created this applet with the purpose of practicing with React's hook features (useState, useEffect). Data was fetched from the Finnhub API.


Collaborated on a device prototype (initial steps towards ring prototype) that alerts important contacts when found in danger. This project was developed in React and uses the Twilio API for messaging integration and various web modules to capture location and Bluetooth connectivity. (PWA)

Joe's New Balance Shoe Tracker Script

A python script that checks New Balance's outlet store website, Joe's, and checks for price changes (+/-) and new arrivals, as well as, removals amongst sneakers and clothing and exports them as a csv file. Done with Selenium and ChromeDriver.

Investing Into Your Education Visual

Data visualization that allows you to interact with data about income and higher education from various U.S. colleges of 2009.

Weather Applet

Mini weather app using the OpenWeather API and Bootstrap. Credit to Hamza Mirza for the tutorial.

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